Aortic valve replacment

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Aortic valve replacment

Postby Sammy » Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:45 pm

Hi, my name is Sammy and I have mixed aortic valve disease,

I am due to have a valve replacement within the next couple of weeks. I was diagnosed with narrow valves when I was 13 and had then widened by balloon angioplasty with key hole surgery. I was also told that I would probably one day need them replacing. I am now 28 and over the last two years the valves have narrowed and are now at a severe stage. It was explained to me that I could either have mechanical or tissue valve replacement. Myself and my partner are wanting to start a family in the next few years and so we have decided that a tissue valve replacment would be best, not only because of starting a family but also due to my age and the fact I have quite an active lifestyle and job.

Although I have always kinda known I would need my valves replacing at some point, I have never let my diagnosis stop me from doing anything. I have always been active and have had no problem with this lifestyle. Now I am on the waiting list because it is time for a replacment and I do get some chest pains now. I find it so hard to suddendly not be able to do everything I have always managed to do with ease. I am so scared to have open heart surgery. I do not want a scar and I am so scared of not waking up or waking up to the state I will be in. I dont like the thought that I will wake up and not be/have everything that I was born with. I will have different valves that arent part of my biological body. I have become so anxious about the surgery that I seem to cry everyday at some point about it. I am sorry for the essay but felt like I wanted to get things off my mind.

Can anyone relate to this or have any advice on how to come to terms with open heart surgery.

Thank you for reading
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