Chat Room Rules - 29 March 2013

A place for GUCH Patients and their families to exchange experiences and gain support. So please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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Chat Room Rules - 29 March 2013

Postby aghorner » Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:39 pm

Chat Room Rules We are only a small organization. We don't have the resources to run a monitored and moderated Chat Room. We rely on everyone participating in the Chat Room Registration to help make it a positive, fun and hassle free place to visit. Please don't spoil the Chat Room for others. Our rules which by registering, you agree to accept and abide by are as follows.

  • All posts (i.e. comments) reflect the views of the author of that post. The Somerville Foundation will not be held responsible for the content of any member messages or information posted.
  • Please show consideration and respect for other users and for their opinions, even if they are very different from your own.
  • Be sensitive to how your messages may be viewed and perceived by others.
  • Share your own experiences rather than offering advice.
  • Don't offer medical advice.
  • Don't take anything that is told to you on the Chat Room as medical advice. There is a list of special GUCH Centres on The Somerville Foundation website where you can obtain medical advice.
  • Please DO NOT upload images, video clips/films, or links to these, or post comments or messages which:

    • are obscene, insulting or considered malicious to others;
      are disrespectful of other people's views;
    • do not reflect the purpose or theme of the Chatroom; seek to engage with other service users for the purpose of recruitment for research, marketing, media coverage, contact The Somerville Foundation Office if you wish to conduct research.
    • post articles or excerpts from articles, comments, images or links that advertise any products, websites, third parties, agencies or services without prior permission from The Somerville Foundation
    • are copyrighted

Above all enjoy using the Chat Room!
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