Any one advice on asthma during exercise

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Any one advice on asthma during exercise

Postby Jane2Blue » Sun May 12, 2013 7:36 pm


I have Tof but developed asthma 6 years ago I keep having attacks if wheezing during exercise and chest tightness at variable times sometimes before and sometimes after my normal cardiovascular symptoms I tend to hyperventilate before everyone else in the class anyway slowing down usually aleviTes my cardiac problems allowing me to continue unfortunately the asthma tends to make me feel weak and shaky to the point where I fear falling off the excercise equipment or can no longer stand up not so much fun if your are out for a walk with other people! Have only been hospitalised once but think this was irritant induced.

I do use my inhaler 20 mins prior to exercise and increase my symbicort preventer prior to excercise and if I struggle during exercise and at 3hrly intervals but I am still having problems especially as I have cold air induced asthma and hyperventilate early because of the Tof.

A bit perturbed as i thought I had my head around excercising withe chd now a bit thrown!

What is anyone else's experience of having asthma on top of chd?
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