Computer error at a and e

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Computer error at a and e

Postby tiggersam » Wed Dec 14, 2011 5:07 pm

Hi all

Just a little story about something that happened to me on Monday

I was brought in to a and e with bit of chest discomfort and pains in left arm. ECG, Chest x ray and enough blood taken to feed dracular a healthy snack happened.

Three hours later sent home with a copy of my blood results and re-assured I was ok diagnosed with shoulder muscle strain affecting chest area (possibly from my latest water aerobics session)

That evening Mark came home and asked what the slip of paper was and I told him my blood results from a and e - he looked really puzzled and asked when had I changed my name and sex.

Apparently the slip of paper (which to be honest I had not bothered to look at - just so relieved to hoof it out of a and e) had a mans name, different address, dob, hosp number and a set of blood results underneath this information.

I rang the hospital and spoke to a DR in charge and every result he had on the computer for me had the same result as was on the paper. I was told to come back to a and e asap to repeat all the tests.

One cab ride later I was sitting back in cubicals and ecg and bloods again taken ( I should mention I found this very stressful not only because I was wondering if I had been sent home ill but because I have a very serious needle phobia)

Three hours later we left a and e just after 2 am ecg and bloods all ok thank goodness. I felt so sorry for Mark he had to go in to work on Tuesday with about three hours sleep - bless him.

Apparently the Gentlemn whos details appeared on my blood result form had not had blood taken in the hospital since November. They think the computer / printer had a funny moment and can not understand why his details were printed out on my results. A clinical incident form is goiing to be completed whatever one of those is.

Now I am over the initial fright and shock I really can not fault the way I was treated once the incident was discovered - Our medical teams Dr's and nurses do an incredible job - what a shame they do not get the decent IT support at times to support them.

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Postby susan manley » Fri Dec 16, 2011 7:44 pm

I had a similar thing when I was in as an emergency, saw a doctor then refered to another area. In the 2 days that this was going on the computer lost all my info and really created a lot of problems as I was not in a fit state to recall all the details at that time

as you say the staff are often battling against the IT and other management issues but do give a good service despite this
susan manley
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Postby Rose » Thu Jan 05, 2012 3:56 pm

Oh no you poor thing!! Must have been very stressful for you bit the main thing is you got checked out and were luckily ok. I agree the medical staff deserve medals - I of course have had my fair share of hospitals and in the last few months have seen my mum and my grandad both receive excellent care from both of our local hospitals and cant thank the staff enough!!

As you say it is such a shame modern technology isnt always at its best!! :)

Glad you are ok and happy new year to you and everyone here at GUCH!

Rose xx
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