water aerobics

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water aerobics

Postby tiggersam » Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:22 pm

Hiya all

Just a quickie - I have just started a course of hydrotheraphy for my knee condition and although I find it a little tiring I am hopeful it might improve the knees in time.

I also joined in a session of water aerobics at my local pool and unfortuately only managed to last 20 mins (of the hour) - I was just wondering if any other guch's did water aerobics and how did they find this


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Postby Hj285 » Mon Nov 28, 2011 4:15 pm

Hi Sam

Up until last year before I started getting worse I did water aerobics at least once a week. Our local pool had 2 sessions a week. One was for an hour and more high impact the other was 45 minutes and lower impact as it was popular with more mature ladies and gents.

I can say when I first took it up I was well tired at the end of the session. But I quickly built up my fitness and did really well with it. The instructor always gave alternative versions of a movement to do for those who wanted lower impact or an easier version to do. She also always encouraged anyone that needed a rest to move to the side take a breather and carry on when ready. Sadly since my ICD fitting I've been too scared to go back to water aerobics.

If you have knee problems have you mentioned it to the instructor? There could be certain movements you need to avoid. Hope that helps a little.

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