Clintons Christmas Cards supporting GUCH and Breast Cancer

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Clintons Christmas Cards supporting GUCH and Breast Cancer

Postby Gilly » Sun Dec 12, 2010 7:22 pm


I went into Clintons yesterday in Leeds after a friend had told me she'd found Christmas cards in Clintons, Harrogate supporting GUCH and Breat Cancer.

Even though I've bought my cards direct from GUCH I thought it was worth a nosey.

There were a number of different charity cards but I found the ones that supported GUCH and Breast Cancer.

I didn't realise Clintons supported GUCH in this way, perhaps I've missed this along the way but I wish I'd known as I'd have encouraged friends and family to buy them. Particularly, as my two teenage sons lost their Mum to Breast Cancer and I'm a GUCH that's where they would've bought their cards from.

Thanks, Gilly
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Postby elizabeth » Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:39 pm

Hi, Gilly

There was an article in GUCH News about 3(?) years ago by Clinton Lewin, who is the boss at Clinton's Cards, explaining why he supports GUCH PA; I will try to remember to look it out for you. I think he had a very close friend with a heart condition, who died as a young adult.

Good news that we are back on his Christmas card list :-)
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