I went to the GUCH conference, and got told off... 8)

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I went to the GUCH conference, and got told off... 8)

Postby Paul Polo Willgoss » Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:47 pm

By more that one person... :shock:

In one case, very specifically for being too modest :oops:

(Yes you did read that last sentence correctly)...

At the risk of boring some of you, I got invested as a Member of the Order of the British Empire (yup, that's a MBE) this year - I was announced in the New Year's Honour list and got to go to Buckingham Palace to receive my medal from the Queen in June.

So the normal questions:

Why did I get it? Simply because someone nominated me for it, their application about me was tested and found to honest, and worthy of the accolade by 4 committees (each with stricter criteria), the Prime Minister and then Her Majesty herself...

What's it for? Officially I will never know what is in the nomination, but a little bearded bird may have let slip that it was the combination of the work I do for the GUCH community, the kids through the Children's Heart Federation, my role in setting up the civil service disability network and that I do all that and deliver well above par in my day job.

Because I'm a civil servant, I get passed up through the state system - all it means is that my employer values my contribution to what I suspose whould be referred to as "Big Society". Also at this point i do have to thank the HSE (and the poor souls who've line managed me over the years) for their support in all that I do, they give me some time to do things, don't question the sometimes odd telephone calls I make and within reason try and meet me needs for time off for meetings and conferences.

So if anyone says that all civil servants get a gong they're a) dead wrong and b) insulting the efforts of many civil servants I know who do a lot of work for a huge range of charities in their own time.

What do I get? A big shiny medal - (for those of a nervous disposition I am looking a bit smarter than normal.... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5 ... =634670959 )

A beautfully copperplated scroll of the order, signed by the Queen and Prince Phillip http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=6 ... =634670959

I could also get married in St Paul's Cathederal (in the Chapel of the Order, down in the crypt), and indeed if ever anyone catches up with me and I need to get a child christianed then the same can happen (ok other issues may get in the way, like needing permission from some Bishop or another :wink: )

So, the day itselfi I described in my blog - http://walkingforheartkids.blogspot.com ... mmand.html

What's next?

A mentor of mine said something that some would view as aggressive a couple of weeks after the ceremony, she said "So, you've done what you've done; you've been rewarded for it... Now the slate is clean, what you going to do next big man?"...

Well, I'm not stopping... Some of what I'm doing is behind the scenes, doors that are now easier to open with the "magic key" I've just been given, some you'll here about at conferences and when you catch glimpses of me between facebook and twitter and the big spectacular attempts to raise awareness will continue! The plans for 2011 are being laid, and there should be something for everyone!

So, I hope this hasn't sounded big headed, I was and still am hugely humbled by being given this recognition... There are many I know who do as much and have never been recognised in the same way.

Paul Willgoss MBE
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Postby Arman » Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:14 pm

:lol: :wink: :) :D Very well done! Very well deserved. Thanks for all you do fur us. Keep up the good work. Take care :D
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