Blue Badge Parking

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Blue Badge Parking

Postby Forlyd » Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:22 pm

Hello all disabled badge holders, this is Lydia's husband Derrick.
Just wanted to warn other carers and disabled drivers that we are not immune to the cash squeeze being suffered by local authorities.
I have just fallen foul of the undeclared " Special Areas " being used by Newcastle Council Parking Attendants.
On one of our regular and frequent visits to The Freeman Hospital, I made the mistake of parking on double yellow lines where my back wheels were overlapping a " Dropped Kerb ".
Although we had our blue badge and clock on display in the front window we still got a parking notice tucked under the front windscreen wiper !
Now, the street we live in has a dropped kerb 20 feet wide for every pair of semi's in the street. (40 feet between each dropped kerb. ) Drivers park next to these dropped kerbs. No tickets or complaints !
Your parking instructions which came with your blue badge made no mention of "Special Areas" so I can only assume that this is an extention of Newcastle's parking regulations to increase the revenue for the council. Even we disabled are not immune !!!
Not grumbling about the fine, just the sneaky way it was imposed.
So, other blue badge holders, take care where you park.
Best wishes to you all.
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