Valve Replacement

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Valve Replacement

Postby mjs » Tue Oct 21, 2014 11:01 am

Hey, I am going to have open heart pulmonary valve replacement surgery and I was just wondering if anyone recommends scar removal cream that acutally works :P . Also Has anyone else had a valve replacement op before? What are the levels of pain?
Thank you!
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Re: Valve Replacement

Postby Tricky Dicky » Tue Oct 28, 2014 4:00 pm

Good luck M, I haven't had my valve replaced yet, but when I had a valvotomy it wasn't particularly painful.

Some useful info on an American forum here:

Incision Care
*Heart operations are usually done through an incision along the middle of the chest through the breastbone. You'll have some discomfort in this area. A first your incision will be covered with bandages. A day or so later they'll be removed to expose the wound. These may be left on your skin for many days - as long as they stick. Your health care provider will tell you when to remove them.

*My surgeon specifically instructed me not to put anything on it for 2 months....I am only to wash/pat it with Dove Soap or baby soap and am not to put on any scar medications/relievers/lotions...etc.

*They also said not run hot water on it. The skin is new and hot water irritates it...besides, it hurts like hell when you do... it takes a couple of months to really heal.

*I used to massage the adhesions from the 1st heart surgery. It helped the scar not to look all "lumpy" when it was completely healed. And it may be that you're feeling adhesions pulling and stretching. You could ask your cardio what the best thing is to do, but the massage helped me very much. My former PCP suggested using cortisone injections, as the med would stretch the skin, but I preferred to do it myself and it was very successful.

*The day I was discharged, a cardiac PA came into address my incision. She told me about the massages, but said not to put any topical products on it for at least 3 months. She said especially avoid anything with Retin A in it. Bio-oil has Retin A. I've been suggesting the product to others, but she said it can inflame the delicate skin and make it worse.

Minimizing The Appearance Of Your Scars After They Heal
*Depending on the severity of the wound, it usually takes a scar at least three months to dim. On the other hand, no scar fully disappears.

*Keep your sunlight exposure to a minimum. Scars do not change color as much as normal skin does when exposed to the sun. This, of course, makes them more visible every time you are exposed to the sun or are sunburned. Use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 15 to block sun and reduce the differences in color between your normal skin and scar tissue.

*Moisturize the scar. Depending on your condition, you can shrink the amount of scar tissue and its appearance by moisturizing the scar. There are over-the-counter dressings that contain silicon or a silicone derivative that can be applied directly over the scar. These dressings can be worn overnight and literally can shrink the scar tissue.

*Keep the skin moist. If the skin is moist, you are in fact optimizing the environment for healing and for promoting healthy skin to grow over the wound. Therefore, a scar heals more effectively if it is kept moist, as opposed to keeping it exposed to the air and allowing it to dry. You may even apply some topical ointments or petroleum jelly to the wound, which will keep the wound moist and expedite the healing process
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Re: Valve Replacement

Postby mjs » Tue Oct 28, 2014 6:34 pm

Tricky Dicky wrote:Good luck M, I haven't had my valve replaced yet, but when I had a valvotomy it wasn't particularly painful.

Thank you so much for your detailed and considerate reply! It is really helpful and has mad feel a lot better :)
Thank you!!
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