Hypoplastic aortic arch

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Hypoplastic aortic arch

Postby xbecca.c.x » Wed Nov 14, 2012 1:17 am

Hi am 19 an just found out I need open heart surgery to fix my hypoplastic aortic arch which my surgeon says is rare in adults I have been told to do as much research as I can on it an try to find someone with the same condition as me which is proving very difficult would be a great help if I could find someone even just to talk to see what it's like from a patients point of view as I Cnt Remeber ntn from my previous surgery was too young and am so scared about it all just wanner talk to someone who has been through the same thank you.
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Awaiting open heart surgery to fix hypoplastic aortic arch would like to no if there is anyone here with it too thanks.
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Re: Hypoplastic aortic arch

Postby Ash » Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:10 pm

i cant say ive got the same problem as u but i also been told this year that i will be haveing my op in the next few months witch will be open heart too unlike urs ill be haveing my aortic value replace i hope this helps and good luck
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Re: Hypoplastic aortic arch

Postby Forlyd » Tue Jan 08, 2013 7:12 pm

Hi Becca and Ash,
Old Lydia here. I only stick my bugle into young peoples forum when I see no help seems to be on offer. You don't say if you browse the general forum or over 39's forum. Nothing to stop you doing that, and you will find a lot of information regarding ops and recovery experiences. I admit that my ops were a long long time ago, apart from smaller ops to insert pacemakers etc. My last big operation was in 1975 (I am nearly 65 years old now) and skill and treatment have advanced so much since then that my experience would sound like absolute rubbish ! The only thing you need to fear are the catastrophies you make up in your own imagination !!! Heart surgery is much, much , safer than it was in my day. The success rate is amazingly good ! Look forward to a far better life when the surgery is over!
Take good care of yourselves, and stop worrying !
Love from Lydia.
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