valve replacement...

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valve replacement...

Postby mattBYB » Fri Jun 03, 2011 8:34 pm

i have a leaky valve that was repaired when i was born, knowing that one day id need a replacement, im now nineteen and that time has come... im really nervous and have loads of questions so if anyone can help me with them id be very greatful.

how long does the operation take?
how long does recovery take?
does it hurt much afterwards?
do you feel alot better afterwards?

Also, i work at a theme park and i love rides, ive always known its been a risk going on them but have done it anyway, is this a no go after the operation?

thanks for reading,
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Postby matt_hooks » Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:55 pm

I had a valve replacement a couple of years ago, and while I can't comment on how long the op takes (I was kind of out of it) but I'm informed it was about 7 hours, and I was in ICU/recovery for a day afterwards. I can say that the pain post-op was virtually non-existant. I had a coarctated aorta repair a few weeks after and THAT hurt, but the central entry was surprisingly painless. The only time it was painful was when I needed to cough, and I kept getting told off by the nurses for levering myself up on my elbows.

Where are you having the op?
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Re: valve replacement...

Postby u314101 » Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:14 am

hey im lucy i have had a valve replacment on the 11-11-11 it was a bit scary but the time of the op depends on the person mine took 8 hrs it does feel uncomfy when you go to sit but it does get better unfortunatly you can not go on to rides anymore sorry about that i loved rides but ti does get better not going on them and youdo feel better after having it done not so out of breath im here if you need to talk about it ive put a post up about cold hands you can reach me their dont worry it will be fine x :)
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Re: valve replacement...

Postby jessiejay » Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:50 am

Hello matt!
I',m 19 too I was born with a leaky valve it was replaced when I was 2 years old i now have an artificial tricuspid valve, at the end of last year i found out that it wasn't working as well as it should've i was brought into hospital that day and started on iv heperin, ot sprted it's self out but then I got flu and my valve stopped working again I had to go to CCU (coronary care unit) they gave me a hardcore anticoagulant which sorted it out again... i know how scary it might be but i am sure you'll be okay! <3
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Re: valve replacement...

Postby lornaan » Tue Jul 02, 2013 7:29 pm

The operation takes anything between 3-6 hours, depending on your surgeon and your particular valve. I had my pulmonary valve replaced in Birmingham 3 weeks ago, (so it's all still fresh in my mind if you need to know anything else! :)) and it took about 4 hours. However, you won't even know that, it's your family/friends who have to suffer through that!

Recovery is pretty amazing when you're our age - I just turned 20, and I was out of bed the day after my surgery (although I nearly fainted, and had to go straight back in...) and doing that a couple of times really helps you feel better. The ventilator they use leaves a lot of air in you and it makes you feel really sick - getting out of bed and moving around in general helps that air come up and makes you feel much better.
You're gonna feel like utter **** for about a week, and you'll be really stiff, in pain, achey and sick - but it's seriously worth it and as cynical as it sounds - you get used to it.
For your sternum to completely heal, it takes 3 months, but that is just how long you have to wait to do things like ride a bike and do any sports that aren't gentle (I think you'll probably have to wait the three months to go on theme park rides, but ask your consultant or a nurse about that for a proper medical opinion.) That being said, it's been three weeks for me and I feel great considering - I still get chest pain, particularly when I'm trying to sleep, but after you come out of hospital you'll most likely only be on paracetamol - which works well.

Regarding pain, it depends on you - I am a complete pain wimp, and I was in a lot of pain afterwards. When I woke up, I was on a ventilator, which was uncomfortable in my mouth and throat, but the actual breathing hurts as well because of your broken sternum. When they're sure you're awake and able to breathe by yourself, they put a tube down the ventilator tube and make you cough, to prove your lungs work properly and that your reflexes are working. That really hurts and feels horrible, but then they take it out and it's much better. Generally, having tubes in you hurts, having them taken out hurts a lot (for about a second) and then once they're out you feel better. After about the first day, the anaesthetic wears off, you feel more awake, and then the pain sets in. I was on the maximum amount I was allowed, and I was still in more pain than I've ever felt, so my nurse phoned my anaesthetist and got her to let me have more. Bit like your chest is literally on fire.

After about a week, it's more annoying than anything, like you can't push yourself up or pick up anything heavy. (It was annoying in hospital when they gave me a massive jug of water that I couldn't lift to pour!)

And as to how much better you feel afterwards, no idea yet... my palpitations have stopped!

Good luck with your surgery, I hope I've not scared you...

EDIT: Oh my god this is from 2011! It took so long to write! Oh maaan
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Re: valve replacement...

Postby mtlaws92 » Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:50 am

please don't think your comment is wasted as I have just had a good read and as I am possilbly going to be undergoing this surgery in thr near future I have found it absolutely Explainetry and although I have undergone 3 OHS previous these were at the ages of 2days 4wks and 10yrs. So thank you just a few things I would like to ask is what lead to u requiring op if u dnt mind me asking and do u feel better for it now :-) [/b] [u][b]Thank you once again Mitch[/b][/u]
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