The Waiting Game

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The Waiting Game

Postby askanne » Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:46 pm

Hi there,
From the recent GUCH survey we did, one of the challenges people said they faced was waiting for tests, procedures and surgery. I hope to address in the GUCH news later this year and was keen to know your thoughts:
- What helps you deal with waiting?
- How do you cope with worries, fears and anxieties?
- What helps you relax, stay calm when in hospital?
- What helps you get through procedures/surgery? How do you manage your feelings etc?
I’d be really grateful if you could share any thoughts, stories or anecdotes. Examples of things that have helped or what you think should be in place or available to provide support.

Send anything, little or lots, to or PM me

With thanks,
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