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Postby Michelle » Fri Sep 05, 2008 9:28 am


Welcome to the site :D Although this is the teenage section I think all of us "oldies" pop in now and then with a hope to pretend we're teenagers again :lol:

I've posted on this subject before, I have two tattoos, and before I got my first I'd always assumed I shouldn't take the risk but decided to ask my cardiologist anyway, he said I was fine to have one as long as it was a reputable, clean place that used new needles for each person and all that stuff. He didn't feel the need to prescribe me antibiotics, saying that the threat of endocarditis from a tattoo was very low and so I went ahead and had my first one. Luckily I had no problems whatsoever, it healed very well and I love it (not that I can see it as its on my back).

I had my second one, which again was problem free.

However, I was transferred to a GUCH cardiologist (had previously been seen by an "ordinary" one) about 2 years ago. Dr Mahadevan, at Manchester Royal Infirmary, during my first appointment I was asking him if there was anything I should avoid in order to keep healthy, and he said tattoos, he'd already noticed mine. Until then I was considering one more (but a big one), however he wasn't keen and said I should have had antibiotics with the first two also. So now I'm undecided, I love my tattoos but it could have been that I was just extremely lucky not to have had any problems.

Think long and hard about it and speak to your consultant, see if they are ok with it. Had my first consultant said no, I wouldn't have given it a second thought, wouldn't have had them done but I was none the wiser at the time and had been given permission.

Take care

Michelle xx
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Postby PyrO_PrOfessOr » Sat Sep 06, 2008 1:33 am

Thank you.

Yeah I get that it is important to talk to my consultant I am going to go ahead and make an appointment. I also know that i will be on a nice dose of ABs because I will be on a weeklong course for the surgery.

It will only be a small tattoo, and probably on my arm as i think it would be unwise to get one on the back of my neck. The warfarin also can cause a little more bleeding and can make a big tattoo look kinda rubbish.

Thanks again for the advice...This place is great!
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Postby Guitarist_Adam » Tue Oct 28, 2008 5:09 pm

Hi,sorry to bring up a dead thread but i just would like to say that i have had my second tattoo a few months now and now planning my 3rd,i got my second on my left forearm and i found it not to be that sore but then again i have a high pain threshold and to my mum and dads suprise i hardly bled at all.the sorest bit of it all was getting touched up,the detail in it is amazing,so heres a picture of it,sorry about the blurryness of it,the detail is much much better than it looks in the picture.
EDIT:Sorry about the size of the picture
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