DVLA (Driving Licenses) ISSUES FOR Congenital Heart Patients

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DVLA (Driving Licenses) ISSUES FOR Congenital Heart Patients

Postby m.hough » Fri Jan 11, 2008 4:03 pm

I am posting this topic as i have had alot of issues with the D.V.L.A. due to an application i made for a P.C.V. License.

First of all the most frustraiting thing was the fact if you have any health issues you must wait almost 3 months to get everything resolved, whilst at the same time having your potential employers on your back (who have accepted your application after reading your previous health isuues and after the interview and tests have offered you a job).

I found out today after going back and forth with information for the D.V.L.A. i have found out i cannot have the license yet, i need to wait some more time, as i had a Pulmonary Valve replacement in April 2007.

I lost my previous job in August 2006 due to my health deteriorating which made my attendance inconsistant. To now be 100% fixed after a very stressful 2007 i have found that the new year has not gone off to a great start.

My potential employers, considering i get the P.C.V. License, have been very understanding and co-operative. Im starting to feel realy let down by a system that is meant to help me and i feel im letting down my potential employers before i even start working for them yet this is all out of my controll.

Im basically posting this as i would like people to read and hopefully be able to relate to my situation and offer possibly alternative routes or methods in getting my License so that i can get back into the routine of employment instead of wasting away at home

Thanks again M.Hough (21-5-1986)
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