scimitar syndrome

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scimitar syndrome

Postby Naomi jean » Mon Jan 11, 2016 2:09 am

Hey there

im a new member so dont really know how to use these things so please bare with me :)
i was diagnosed with scimitar syndrome when i was 7 and have been under supervision from a cardiac specialist ever since however i have never been given any treatment , it used to be bad when i was younger but through my late teens the symptoms wore of a little and i learnt new breathing and coping techniques. However over the past couple of years it has started to return to the point where i was in a&e on saturday night but they made me wait 4 hours without even talking to me so i left (i assume its because i showed them medical records and they had no idea what it meant as this is what usually happens) i have never spoken with any one with scimitar syndrome or who has had the surgery but i am looking into it more now as it is starting to affect all aspects of my life, i have my next appointment in march so hoping to get some research and insight into it before i go so that i can talk to him more about my options instead of him just sending me for more tests again.

so anyone with any information or experience with scimitar syndrome please contact me, :)

thanks :)
Naomi jean
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