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Blue Badge

Postby sophists » Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:09 pm

I am a GUCH patient with eisenmengers syndrome. Recently I applied for a Blue Badge and was subsequently called to an assessment meeting with an Occupational Health person. This person explained that certain criteria are used to determine a person's eligibility for a badge. He then proceeded to ask me a number of questions, a good number of which were not relevant to me; for example do you use a walking stick, do you suffer from arthritis and so on. About two weeks after this meeting I received notification that I was not eligible for a badge. A reason cited for this was that I was able to walk 80 metres (the distance between where the meeting took place and the location of my car) at a slow to moderate pace without stopping and not seeming to be unduly out of breath. Unfortunately, the walk was flat and took place on a nice warm day. If it had taken place on a cold/windy day or where an incline was involved then I would have suffered from shortness of breath and might have been required to take a rest.
It would seem that since 2012 Councils (I come under Essex County Council) have taken a stricter line with eligibility for a Blue Badge.

I am now thinking of appealing against the decision and wondered if anyone on the board has had recent experience of applying for a blue badge and what they did to convince the awarding council that they met the eligibility criteria.


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