reduced working hours

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reduced working hours

Postby dexterb09 » Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:31 am


I was born with CCTGA and lived a pretty damn good life with no limitations, I've had endocarditis and surgery to replace my valve and that's no bad goingbin my 37 yrs. Anyway since reaching my late twenties i have ststarted feeling my self slowing down and now in thirties I'm definitely slowing down and struggling with my full working days then midlife style at home i just dont have any energy after work and 3 kids I wanna be able to spend time with them. I've requested to my employer that i cant cope with the hours i dont even after a 2 day break over the weekends I'm just not getting fully recovered for a brand new week, so i have asked if I can lose some days or reduce my hours. I've read alot of people on here have struggled with energy and have either quit work or asked for reduced hours, I'd like to hear from you on how you went about it and if any of you were successful in your rerequests.

Thanks for reading i hope to hear some people in the same situation as myself.

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Re: reduced working hours

Postby JasmineKelly » Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:39 am

Hi Lee

I went from full time to four days a week nearly a year ago. Best thing I've ever done work wise. I also work for home one day a week. It has a had a real positive difference- less tired, more time to spend with friends and family.

I work in HR so have some expertise here, although I obviously I can't advise on your specific circumstances. I am also assuming you're a permanent employee in the UK. Obviously the type of work you do will also have a bearing here. There are a couple of routes to try but be creative- you might want a mix of reduced hours and working from home (or at a company branch closer to home), or compressed hours etc.

1) does your company have a flexible working policy open to all? This was the route I went down and didn't therefore have to get into the whys and wherefores of my condition

2) depending on the age of your children you may have a legs entitlement to request flexible working as a parent

3) your condition may be covered by the disability provisions of the 2010 Equality Act, under which employers are legally required to make reasonable adjustments for staff with disabilities/chronic conditions. This could be reduced/alternative working patterns. First step is to seek a referral to your company's occupational health provider for an assessment- be prepared to give consent for access to your medical records.

Do some research, contact your HR dept if you need further signposting, and have an open and honest dialogue with your line manager. Be clear about what you need/want but also consider the requirements/perspective of your employer. The best flexible arrangements are mutually agreeable. A trial period can help show what will/not work for both sides, and build in regular reviews of the arrangement to check expectations are being met.

Good luck!
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