has anyone experienced 'left ventricle outflow obstruction'

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has anyone experienced 'left ventricle outflow obstruction'

Postby dexterb09 » Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:19 am

Following my recent regular visit for heart checkup I'm awaiting an mri to confirm I have the above development and also a septal bulge in the RV, my consultant is pretty sure on what she seen in my echo and wants the mri and exercise test to confirm before deciding on a TOE or just taking it to there cardiology meetings they have. Has anyone had any experience of this and if so what was the treatmen and how long was recovery. I'm the breadwinner at home and I have 2 small boys and another due in Feb. I've been signed off due to chance of blacking out and i only get ssp so financially we are struggling. Can anyone advise what we could claim to help with the situation.
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