ICDs Section 88 Road Traffic act and car insurance

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ICDs Section 88 Road Traffic act and car insurance

Postby Tick Tocker » Fri May 30, 2014 12:40 pm

Can anyone offer me some advice as to driving or rather car insurance after a ICD implant. I had mine fitted in November last year. I voluntarily gave up my licence as I was advised this was the best way of doing it and have not driven for 6 months. Fine happy with this chased the DVLA up on the 2nd May and they posted me out a piece of paper which says that I can now drive under section 88 of the road traffic act providing I meet the conditions on the letter which I do. My consultant is happy for me to drive and has filled in the forms from the DVLA.

As yet though still don't have a proper driving licence. I am now looking to insure another car as i gave mine up when my licence went. The problem I'm now facing is with car insurance. As far as i can tell the piece of paper from the DVLA is not worth the paper it's typed on. No car insurance company is intrested, I don't in their eyes have a licence therefore won't insure me. Has anyone else experianced this problem and have any solutions or know of any companies who will offer insurance. If I can't get insurance whats the point of the section 88 in the road traffic law.

Thanks TickTocker
Tick Tocker
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Re: ICDs Section 88 Road Traffic act and car insurance

Postby ollybenson » Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:22 pm

Hi -

Surely you need to pursue the DVLA to return your licence. When I voluntarily gave up my licence when my ICD was fitted, I was then advised by my doctor that he could see no medical reason why I couldn't drive, so I wrote to the DVLA and asked for my licence back. When they said 'no' I asked whether their decision had been taken by a medical expert and on what basis, and they replied by sending me my licence.

If you can legally drive then there should be no reason why the DVLA are holding on to your licence; they should issue it immediately. I would contact them and ask why they haven't returned it (or at least re-printed it) as it should only take a couple of weeks tops. Failing that, you should contact your MP and / or Citizens Advice to take the matter up on your behalf.

Insurance companies won't issue insurance to someone without a licence because that is the way you prove your are able to drive. If you are stopped by police and asked to produce your licence, you need to be able to do that (within 7 days). If you want to be able to hire a car, you will need your licence.


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