Insurance Companies - diagnosis by computer

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Insurance Companies - diagnosis by computer

Postby Pat M Straughan » Fri Sep 06, 2013 5:00 pm

I slightly feel like I have shot myself in the foot!

I have an annuity to be paid out on my shortly-forthcoming 60th birthday. We applied for an enhancement on health grounds and I answered some fairly basic medical questions on the phone. We received confirmation of the answers to the questions. One of the medications that I take, Bisoprolol, is used to treat both high blood pressure and to maintain the rate of heart beat. I haven't been diagnosed with high blood pressure and didn't say so on the phone but the computer has marked me down as being hypertensive. When I queried it, the insurance company said that it was because I had told them I take Bisoprolol.

I went through the whole explanation but the best they could do was to remove it. Which means that as I don't have high blood pressure, they won't give me as big an enhancement! Also, I was apparently diagnosed with aortic stenosis in August last year, which is not what I told them. I specifically pointed out that it was a birth defect, diagnosed many years ago.

Not sure yet if they need to confirm with doctor. If I had let the computer's diagnosis stand, the doctor wouldn't be able to confirm and they might have thought I was lying.

Whatever next? Just because I take aspirin, would the computer assume that I have pain somewhere?

My husband put a slightly different slant on it: if the computer programme is too sophisticated, the insurance companies will find it even easier to discriminate against us. This is not good for my blood pressure.....!!!
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