Female hormone tablets and severe ASD symptoms

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Female hormone tablets and severe ASD symptoms

Postby dreamwombat » Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:12 am

At the grand old age of 44 I have just been diagnosed with a very big ASD. Am awaiting ablation surgery and full surgery for closure and been told I have a year left to get it fixed I had no idea. Am very active and don't drink or smoke. 22 months ago I was put on provera to control endometriosis and immediately started getting heart palpatations breathlessness and fainting fits My pulse was hitting 150-200 for hours on end. I saw doctor after doctor and it was dismissed as my asthma. Never had symptoms like that for asthma and lungs were clear. Five months of this and was then fitted with a more a coil. Both drugs say not suitable for heart condition and see a doctor if symptoms like I was getting happened. I had another 6 months of symptoms and no improvement of endometriosis so had it removed. Was put back on microgynan. Symptoms reduced a bit but then started to return. Finally found a doctor who referred me this April. Was confirmed with ASD 2 weeks ago. Also need ablation to burn out the damaged parts of my heart. Have not heard of anyone else having this. Went back on pill last week and symptoms went crazy. So took myself off. But no one will confirm if there is a link

Please can anyone shed light on any of this
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