Dealing with people's reactions to breathlessness Help!

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Dealing with people's reactions to breathlessness Help!

Postby Jane2Blue » Fri May 03, 2013 8:30 am


I was wondering if anyone ccoukd tell me if they have found any good ways of dealing with other people's responces to them being breathless because of their heart condition people get frustrated who h is understandable. Way back in the mists if time before I had asthma and when I was to be fair playing with people who were5-10years younger I used to get told I was making too much fuss I shouldn't be breathless because I didn't have asthma. Well I have asthma now or at least I've. Now been diagnosed! However I still get very frustrated or in the gym very concerned responses. My sister even still managed to say to me out of frustration in our early 20s that I should be able to keep up with her because I had had surgery to correct my fallots! I don't do Much exercise with her if we can avoid it easy she lives in Durham!
Kids at schools reaction was to call me chapman disease (my surname) and sometimes it got physical I couldn't really run out of the way. Anyone got any good one lj era to explain to people or ways of dealing with people's distress/fear. HAve worked with people with heart failure and terminal lung disease it is very distressing seing someone struggling to breath to be fAir to my sister and people at the gym and they have less idea than me how bad the Cardiac Breathlessness is or whether I am just trying to prevent asthma due to exercise or in the middle if an attack that will worsen. It's probably scary for gym instructors who may feel responsible for you during a class.
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