Found guch nurse in Scotland

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Found guch nurse in Scotland

Postby Jane2Blue » Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:45 pm

There is a guch specialist nurse in Scotland at York hill! Dose any one know if the specialist nurses /physios ever travel with the consultants to the regions because I directly asked at my consultation to talk about something within their area of expertise and didn't get a straigh answer and was told I could speak to them in a year in glasgow! I though a modern city like Glasgow would have the. Internet and phones????? :lol: feel neglected for having the audacity to live in inverness! There are guch patients here how much more training would a cardiac specialist nurse /physio need to talk to us about lifestyle by which mean exercise and psychological distress caused by other people's odd reactions and possibly meaning other reasonable human beings who aren't training for the commonwealth games! I know I should eat less chocolate!!!!! But it helps in dealing with being rejected because you can t keep up and the bordum etc!
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