the 'peace' part of getting older

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the 'peace' part of getting older

Postby susan manley » Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:41 pm

As a child/young person i was always aware I was mortal. Not in a depressing way but rather in a make the most of every day way.
I am lucky that I have never feared being dead [how I die is a worry :) ] and was able to focus on the things going on 'now' as it were. I never did the smoking, drugs, alchol thing [well a bit of alchol] not because I was good but because I was body aware.
As I grew older I wanted to experience all the 'normal' things. Got married young and began to pray I would live long enough to have a baby, see it walk, watch them spend their first day at school and then suddenly they were grown up and produced children of their own and again I prayed that I would see my first grandchild, see them walk their first steps and then suddenly there were 4 of them, all growing fast. Would I see them all at school, ride their first bike and so on.

Then i hit 60 and suddenly it changed from praying for survival to a feeling of peaceful acceptance. I will live as long as my time. Instead of praying I wonder...will I see my first great grand child? the grandchildren married? at Uni? driving their first car.

the desparateness has gone

Just wondered if I am alone in this or is it just a natural part of old age?
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