GUCH Confernce - Glasgow - Hotel

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GUCH Confernce - Glasgow - Hotel

Postby Kirsty ~ Jane » Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:21 am

Hi everyone

Has anyone else recieved the emaill from GUCH about the hotel booking for the conference?

Initially I received an email from GUCH saying rooms were £50prpn and NO money would be taken until check out after the conference.

I called the hotel and they said it was £50pppn and the £200 would have to paid there and then. I left It and called the GUCH office. I got a call back and they said they had fixed the problem.

Yesterday I got an email from GUCH saying that yes the rooms are £50prpn but the full ammount has to be paid at the time of booking.

So for us it would be £100 at the time of booking. I undestand this is a good deal, but as neither of us work, we are saving the money and thought we wouldnt have to pay it until check out, like it has been in the past years.

£50 each is a lot of money when you dont work!
I understand we have until the7th September to book a room, but I fear all the rooms will be taken by then.

To be honest, I feel let down by GUCH because if they had stuck to the original form, then I would have more time to save and also feel they have mis lead me on this.

I feel as though GUCH should have confirmed all the information with the hotel before sending out any information to GUCH patients. To say one thing then change to another is bad form.

I think that GUCH will lose a lot of people coming to the conference who would probably benefit from attending because previouse years we have been able to pay on check out form the hotel.
Kirsty ~ Jane
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