palpatations/ blackouts??

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palpatations/ blackouts??

Postby alititch » Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:07 pm

Hi there wondered if anyone could help me, i recently had surgery the last one sept for teratology f allots type picture {i don't have the over-ride in aorta} this was only spotted last yr but apparently had it all my life but has been missed!! anyway i used to suffer blackouts, where i wouldn't always collapse {just sometimes} but would go cloudy so to speak like a mist and not see for a bit. Now i was told this was a symtom to teratology fallots and once i had surgery it hopefully go away, not not garentee that.
The last 3months i have started to have this again kind of blackouts so my questions are:
1. anyone with teratology have the same experience either before or after surgery?
2. i suffer palpitations too and wondered can this palpitations cause blackouts?

Many thanks for any kind of help it will be grateful alison x
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