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New boy

Postby buttyboy21 » Wed Dec 10, 2014 6:23 pm

Hi everyone.

My name is Ian i am 43 yrs old , last october 2013 i was told i had 2 large hole's in the heart ( ASD) one at 2.4 cm and the other1.6cm plus a number of smaller holes
the consultant described my heart as... like a block of swiss cheese, i also had AF and the enlarged right heart, i was in a bad way.
I have always led a very active lifestyle, cycling, walking,and never had a problem..... Then i started in early 2013 with slight dizziness, short breath and as every bloke does completely ignored it and put it down to working to hard, any way after a couple of bad episodes i could'nt ignore things any longer and went y
to get checked out..... thats when the fun began.
so in feb of this year 2014 i had open heart surgery to close the hole's and while they were routing around found i also had a damaged tricuspid valve which they had to repair (with a ring )... they also constructed me a new septal area.
i have been recovering well but it has been very hard, i still had a flutter on the heart which i have just had an Ablation done last friday the 5th, took about hour and and half and was told it was a success , the ablation has took it's toll on me but all being well this should be the green light to finally push on and get back to some normality .............. IAN
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