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Postby Arman » Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:02 pm

:wink: Thank you for this group, i mean the over 39, as I am 42 now, and I do enjoy reading and sharing with you all. :D BYhe way, anyone else had this sickness bug, I mean, you worry about your heart, but I had this sickness bug for quite a few days, and it really floored me, :oops: in fact both Mum and I felt it was serious, of course it wasn't, but we worried so much, that it was a shock that something like that: i.e. not something from my heart problem could have affected us so much :o , sorry, just thought I'd mention.
Have a great weekend. Take care :D
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Re: 39

Postby glassheart » Fri Sep 12, 2014 6:05 pm

love you Arman. xxx
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