What should i do, very confused with all this heart business

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What should i do, very confused with all this heart business

Postby cupcakecaz » Sun Sep 02, 2012 1:55 pm

Hello everyone, i am 48yr old female, born with mild Pulmonary Stenosis, after fighting cancer last year, the chemo damaged my heart and i now have heart failure, grade 2. I have mild MR, Hypokineses of left ventrical ( no idea what that means lol), pericarditis, and i think something else but just can't remember the name, i suffer severe memory loss.

Anyway, cardiologist at local hospital is always very busy, rushes appointments, i feel she's not fully listening to what i'm trying to get over to her, she is sending me for an MRI at the London Heart hospital, but apart from that has not even asked me to go back to see her again.

My initial problem was after the chemo my heart was constantly racing, im on beta blockers and ace inhibitors, and one of them has had to be made into a stronger dose 4 times as my heart was going so mad. i'm now on 7.5mg Bisoprolol. But now im getting these ectopic heartbeats again, but these ones are different than ones ive ever had before. These ones actually hurt, each time you get the bang feeling in your chest it is so terribly uncomfortable, i can't do anything, i.e. i can't go out as it makes me feel so weak and unwell. These keep on happening, so i went to see my g.p. who said there's nothing he can do, he does not know enough about hearts, but ive got to wait until ive had this MRI of my heart in a couple of months time, then we can actually see if there is anything else wrong that they are missing. But the thing is, i'm sitting here with chest pains, but last night something really strange happened. I had not long finished dinner, and i always feel horrible after i eat as it always makes my heart sped up and go funny, but last night i suddenly came over feeling very very unwell, i felt like i was passing out, i had to just drop my head on the arm of the chair, i could barely talk to tell my husband what was happening to me. My heart felt like it was going way to fast but it was only in the high 90's, i could not sit up, talk or anything, i had chest bad chest discomfort, i told my husband im going to pass out but i didn't, he checked my oxygen levels and they had dropped down to 91-93 %, so im guessing it was this making me feel so terribly unwell. ive only had this happen once before and that was when they first found my heart problem as i took myself off to a&e as i felt so ill, but my heart was not racing this time, even though it felt like it was really struggling. Everytime i take myself off to a&e by the time a dr see's me its all settled down again and i look like a right plonker. G.P says he can't help, cardiologist can't fit anyone in till next year. I dont know what to do, if im risking having a heart attack or something or if im just panicking and going OTT.

Does anyone else suffer with any of this.

Many thanks, Caz xx
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Postby jetaxebabez » Wed Sep 05, 2012 1:37 am

I think that if it is bothering you then you should speak to your cardiologist and let them know. keep telling them until they listen to you shout at them if need be. its always best to get it checked if its worrying you so much like it is. don't suffer and don't let them cast you aside like it dosent matter it does to you so it should to them. Speak up about it and insist that they see you in clinic too. Hope this helps a little bit... Listen to what you body is telling you and your instincts about it. You know when something is not right.

Take care Cat xxx
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