When have we had too many needles.

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When have we had too many needles.

Postby Forlyd » Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:37 pm

Hello all, Lydia here.
Please don't think I wish to scare anybody ! I just believe that if you find a lump you need to know what may have caused it. After a scary time waiting for an appointment ( even 4 weeks seemed a long time) I was eventually told the lump in my groin was a result of having catheters and cardioversion entries in the same area of the Femeral Artery. I thought it was an anuerism but surgeon said no. It was the blood finding a route past a slight blockage in the Femeral Artey and the increased flow in the alternative route had caused a swelling which he did not feel needed any intervention if the swelling grew no larger.
The scar tissue formed after needles were removed and artery healed over caused a reduction in the internal bore of the artery. This meant the flow of blood was reduced and I now have jaundice and bad vericose veins because of the reduced blood flow. Just in the one leg below the site of the needle holes. SO as you get older you may experience the same thing. I am going on 63 so most of the readers will have plenty of time before you need to start examining your pins.
This is just one of those things we guch's may have to tolerate as we enter old age, after we have had too many ACCESS needles to look at our hearts.
Love to all from Lydia.
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When we have too many needles.

Postby jacquidore » Wed Jan 26, 2011 7:02 pm

Hi Lydia

I am empathise with you as another oldie over 60! I have lumps etc around the site where catherisation needles go and my veins look varicosed too.

Oh, the joys of getting older and being survivors.

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